Moose Granny Square And Newborn Deer Bonnet

How many people are still into Safari Theme? Ocean Theme? Woodland?

I am big into the woodland theme. For my son’s room we did a complete Alaskan Frontier theme. Knowing this my mother tagged me in a blanket with a moose on the corner. Since my son already has a blanket I had no intentions on making it until my Step-Sister Messaged me asking if I could make this baby blanket for a friend of hers. I, of course, couldn’t turn down her request since she has done a lot in terms of drawing and such for my own kids. I asked her what size she wanted, etc and began working. About halfway through the blanket, she contacted me to ask if I could make a bonnet. I have never made a bonnet but there is a first time for everything. I of course told her I would try my best. Well Yesterday I completed both items and delivered both of them to her while out kids had a play-date. Here are the finished products.

I love how this project came out. For the blanket I changed from the grey shown to teal for the boy she is having. I also changed the border to not incorporate the tan of the moose and instead finish using my teal skein. I used an I Hook and Double Crochet Granny Square Technique. The moose was winged off a picture since I couldn’t find an official pattern that I liked as much as the one pictured. The bonnet came from This wonderful Website. She made it easy to follow and it made a beautiful bonnet. The only thing I changed was the colors used and I added a different style tie. I made mine a bit thicker using the same stitch that was used in the bonnet.

What baby projects have you completed lately? I would love to see and hear about them!!!


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